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MadhuKill and Diabonashak are meant for diabetes with superior quality natural herbal care product one among. this is reasonably priced and conform to international standards. The company is involved in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Diabetes Herbal product. Almost all our products are made as per specialist’s guidelines with a vision to promote keep ours health in good conditions. We have been getting benefited from nature's gift by making use of natural herbs. This herbs that are used in manufacturing are 100% safe to use. Ours products are well tested & trusted by the users.

MadhuKill for Natural Relief from Diabetes

Madhukill ayurvedic Medicine for blood sugar

Madhukill Ayurvedic Medicine is in Powder form. This powder is madeup from hearbs with quantity that a patient's body need daily. MadhuKill is formulated from most potent Ayurvedic herbs for management of diabetes as prescribed in the ancient texts of Charaka Sammita and Sushrut Sammita. These herbs are then scientifically studied for safety efficacy.

Price for Madhukill - 1599/-      

Diabonashak for Natural Relief from Diabetes

Diabonashak ayurvedic for diabetes

Diabonashak Ayurvedic Medicine is in Tablet form, easy to intake specily introduced for patients who are not comfertable to intake medicine in powder form. Diabonashak contains much more ingridents for patients who have Diabetes from long time and has taken too much of Allopathic medicine.

Every diabetic patient is different on the basis of there diabetes history like: Diabetes to family member, age, weight, life style or newly diagnosed with diabetes. So here we have two main medicine Diabonashak and Madhukill, Our health consultant will first ask you for every details about your diabetes then they will refer you the best option for you treatment and relief form diabetes. Both of the medicne has No side effects and 100% ayurvedic. These herbs are then scientifically studied for safety efficacy.

We have focused on modern research and development backed by extensive scientific evidences of each herb and are then manufactured with a high degree of purity and standardization for the benefit of mankind.

Price for Diabonashak - 3200/-      

Natural Benefits
contact.htm 100% Natural and Herbal Supports in regenerating beta-cells of islets of Pancreas Increases the uptake of glucose by the cells. Exerts insulin like action. Regenerates lipid mechanism. Prevents micro-vascular damage. Prevents diabetic retinopathy. Prevents oxidative damage. Ancient Ayurvedic Recipe. ZERO Side Effects.

Medohar Weight Loss Combo

Medohar Weight Loss Combo   in providing support as natural weight loss medication and is provided in form of herbal capsule. The offered medication in form of capsules contains proprietary mix of herbal ingredients which provide support for
 Increasing metabolism
 Burning fat
 Safely suppressing appetite
Unlike other weight based products, comes with a noticeable advantage that it does not contain any harmful chemicals/substances and supports the need of not only losing weight, but also maintaining the body weight balance for longer time.
Diabonashak ayurvedic for diabetes


 herb is based on thermo genic weight loss formula that naturally assists body in burning more calories through
efficiently using stored fat
 The medicine curbs individuals’ appetite and level of HDL cholesterol that is essential for body
 It decreases levels of VLDL and LDL cholesterol present in body
 Comprises powerful herbal combination that targets digestive system by promoting absorption in intestine
 Facilitating absorption of useful material in body as well as at same time discarding others
 It supports release of toxins that causes increase of weight
 It basically treats cause of obesity by controlling hunger and keeping person's satisfied
 Safest anti-obesity Ayurvedic medicine with zero side effect
 USFDA approved product
 Herbal dietary supplement for weight loss
 Revives body’s fat burning metabolism
 Burns harmful cholesterol content
 Enhances digestion
 Improves immune system


Comprising powerful combination of herbs, the offered medication assists in –
 Reducing weight
 Curbing appetite
 Enhancing body energy levels
 Providing assistance in burning fat of the body


Presence of high calorie levels in body
 High fat levels
 High appetite and level of VLDL and LDL cholesterol in body
 Accumulated toxins in body that causes increase of weight
 Uncontrollable hunger
 Poor digestion levels and immune system

Composition : Each Capsule contains - extracts derived from

 Harar
 Bahera
 Amla
 Kutki
 Pipal
 Punarnava
 lndrayan Mool
 Shudh Guggal
 Punarnva
 Harar
 Bahera
 Awla
 Nagarmotha
 Sounth
 Peepal
 Mirch
 Chitral
 Daruhald
 Ajwain
 Kateli
 Bael
 Bala
 Nishodh
 Nirgundi
 Tejpatra
 Dalchini
 Giloy
 Panch Lavan